Principal at Canyon Crest Academy leaving position


Canyon Crest Academy principal Brian Kohn recently announced that he is leaving:

Dear Raven Family,

“ It is with a mixture of profound emotions that I send this email. I will be leaving my position as principal of Canyon Crest Academy to assume the position of principal at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts effective July 1, 2013.

“The CCA journey, of which I’ve been so fortunate to be a part from new high school planning meetings to today, has been life changing. I have been privileged to share this journey with many wonderful people and I will deeply miss them all. The parents have shown incredible support and generosity over the years and I feel honored to have been allowed to work with you. The staff at CCA is like no other. They are the hardest working, most creative, and compassionate group of people I have ever known. Telling them how much I respect them doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Then there are the students. CCA students have achieved on a scale that is simply astounding. I have learned time and time again to simply create a positive supportive environment, throw in a little timely encouragement, then stand back and be prepared to be amazed. Every day these students make me believe in our future. If you ever get discouraged about world events, just take a look at what our students past and present are up to and you will find endless reasons to feel optimistic.

“A few years ago our district leadership took a chance on a new school and some new administrators with some big ideas. To this day, district leadership has been unwavering in its support of CCA and its innovative spirit. I have endless gratitude for their faith and vision. Moving forward, district leadership will develop a process to find the next CCA principal.

“Ultimately, there is really no way I can adequately express what CCA means to me. For the past 12 years, CCA has occupied a large part of my mind. Looking forward I know CCA will forever own a piece of my heart.”

Stay bold Ravens!


Brian Kohn


Canyon Crest Academy