Playground location unsuitable for several reasons


I just finished reading the articles in the Review about the new playground and couldn’t resist expressing my opinions on the actions of the RSF Association in this matter and the potential for serious liability.

The location, directly adjacent to the trail and in a parking lot, is not only unsuitable for children but also presents considerable hazards for horses and riders. The playground has been located at the access to the trail known as the “Butterfly.” It is the most quiet and protected trail in our system, directly adjacent to the Riding Club, and often used to exercise horses that do not do well on other trails due to their fear and/or rider inexperience.

Children go to playgrounds to expend energy. They should have a place to do this that does not put them or others in harms way. Horses, even the most experienced trail horses, will “spook” at sudden loud noises, abrupt movement, or thrown objects. The playground in this location presents an opportunity for injury to children, riders and their horses.

Rancho Santa Fe is an equestrian community and it is marketed as such. Our trails should be protected from additions like this that could create dangerous situations. This playground should be moved to a location where safety is a top priority, and one that does not interfere with the use of the trails by other Association members.

Susan Pitt