Parking in the Village

By Marion Dodson

Village Business & Merchants Association

An age-old problem in the Village of Rancho Santa Fe is parking. A recent column in the RSF Review by RSF Association Board President Jack Queen correctly describes the current parking situation. Solutions have been suggested and some have been tried over the last 30 years without much success. Enforcement, or the lack thereof, has been the norm. Absent the sheriff’s or highway patrol’s infrequent parking enforcement, all that seems available has been the RSF Patrol’s warnings that haven’t been effective or frequent.

The Village Business & Merchants Association has been meeting and discussing the parking problem for years; however, much of their concern has fallen on deaf ears. Now that our village commercial mix has changed, there are still possible parking solutions that could be addressed and some of the Association members are taking notice of the problem and asking for help in looking at solutions.

Last month a survey was sent out to the Village Business & Merchants Association membership which asked them to estimate, in hourly timeframes of use, the parking needs for their employees and their customers. Suggestions were also solicited. The responses are coming in, including their frustrations about this never-ending problem. Additional survey forms may be requested at

Membership forms for the Village Business & Merchants Association are also available on request via e-mail.