PAC, Assembly bill, tournament champions

By Jack Queen

Rancho Santa Fe Association president

Just over 10 years ago the Rancho Santa Fe Association established a Political Action Committee, or PAC, to better represent our community on issues that either impacted our community or had the potential to impact us. The official name of our PAC is the “Residents for a Secure Future” and to our knowledge we are only the homeowners association in California that currently maintains an active PAC. Funding for the PAC comes from our members’ contributions that we received with the annual billings for assessments and the PAC balance currently totals about $390,000.

Even though it will never be considered a super PAC that we hear so much about these days, it has been a very successful tool for helping to get our concerns heard. We have used funds in the past to support incumbents in positions that have shown support for our community. Those efforts have been primarily in elections for county supervisors as they have a direct impact on Rancho Santa Fe and the services we receive.

We have also weighed in at the state level with funds from our PAC in conjunction with the California Association of Community Managers or CACM. CACM is the largest state organization that represents homeowners association and they take a very proactive position on changes to state laws that could impact the over 47,000 homeowners associations in California.

This year the California legislature is considering Assembly Bill 408, which is a 104-page pending revision to the Davis-Stirling Act that governs HOAs. The Rancho Santa Fe Association will be taking an active role in the review of this pending legislation and we will make our voice heard in areas that impact us.

For the last 22 years the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club has participated in the Valley Cup Tournament which pits members of the local golf clubs in a three-day tournament to establish a local champion. Thanks to the hard work of captains Jim Boon and Dave Scherer, Rancho Santa Fe won the overall competition for the first time in over 10 years. What is really impressive is that they pulled it off without having to recruit Phil Mickelson as a ringer.