Osuna Adobe in need of structural repairs


By Karen Billing

Over the summer, the Rancho Santa Fe Association completed work removing the concrete stucco from the historic Osuna Adobe. The resurfacing of the structure with new adobe mud and whitewash created a marked improvement on parts of the adobe, however, several structural problems were discovered and must be repaired for the rest of the resurfacing work to be completed.

The Osuna Committee will make a request for funding for additional repairs, an amount not to exceed $24,720 at the Oct. 4 board meeting (after presstime for this newspaper).

According to a report by the committee, during the resurfacing work it was discovered that three wood beam window “headers” and two door headers had rotted. The headers support the weight above the opening and the rotted condition poses a substantial structural risk that could result in the windows’ or doors’ failure.

There are already large cracks in the adobe walls above the openings where the headers have rotted. Temporary wood braces have been installed as a precaution.

Another issue that must be repaired is in one section of the exterior adobe block that is not well consolidated to the interior adobe block.

The Osuna Committee received bids from two contractors and will recommend the company that had the lower bid and completed the resurfacing work not affected by the repairs.