OPINION: The buzz from the Political Action Committee


By Tom Lang

Rancho Santa Fe Association president

If you are like me you probably cannot wait for the election next week and the end of all the political advertisements.

However, we are all aware of the economy and the financial problems facing the state of California. It is therefore a critical election. The Association, as an organization, plays a very limited role in elections. Our efforts are limited to the support of candidates and issues that directly impact our community. We do this through our Political Action Committee Fund. This fund is commonly known as PAC.

The PAC was formed years ago to help the Association play a more active role in elections and pending legislation. We remain one of the very few homeowners associations in the state to have such a political tool and it has served us well. PAC lobbying has been instrumental in certain county traffic issues that directly concern our community. In addition, PAC supports candidates on the County Board of Supervisors who have been supportive of the needs of our community and are responsive to our concerns. Specifically Bill Horn and Ron Roberts stand out as having been very supportive of our Rancho Santa Fe community and therefore have received some PAC funding.

Next week all Association members will be receiving our annual assessment billing. Included in your statement is a donation request for PAC. I encourage you to support our community and contribute to the PAC.