One Paseo project reduces density, Trader Joe’s added

By Karen Billing

Kilroy Realty is resubmitting its One Paseo plans to the city this week with 30 percent reduced density.

Gone is the 10-story office building and the hotel has been scratched as well. Building heights have been reduced—the tallest is now an eight-story office building. The plan also adds more open space areas; of the 23-acre site, 20 percent will be open space or plaza areas. The project is located at the corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Rd. in Carmel Valley (across from the Del Mar Highlands Town Center).

Steve Scott, senior vice president of Kilroy, said he believes that the revisions address the community and city’s concerns about traffic, bulk and scale, as well as the effect on community character.

“We’re very pleased with the progress and evolution of the project,” Scott said. “We’ve been able to secure Trader Joe’s as a tenant and residential interest is quite high, as are office tenants. With community support of the project and retail interest, the project is coming together nicely to be balanced and address everyone’s needs.”

The changes come in response to the city’s draft environmental impact report on the project, which went out in May. Since the pubic input period closed, Scott said Kilroy is responding to all of the public and staff comments by making these changes they hope will be well received.

The project is now a total of 1.4 million square feet, down from 2 million, a reduction of 600,000 square feet and a reduction in the floor-area ratio. Lowered building heights are reflected in the 10-story building now becoming a six-story building, and all of the office and multi-family home heights along Del Mar Heights have also been reduced.

“We’ve eliminated that ‘walled-off’ effect that some people were concerned about by reducing the heights there and increasing the setbacks,” Scott said.

They eliminated one of the office buildings near the corner of High Bluff Drive and Del Mar Heights, replacing it with an open space area that will provide a view down to One Paseo’s Main Street from the road.

There will be direct pedestrian access to that plaza park area.

Kilroy has also increased the setbacks all around the perimeter of the project, allowing for buildings to be set farther back from El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights, creating more outdoor areas and promoting more pedestrian walkability.

By reducing retail by 10 percent and office facilities by 10 percent, Scott said that they have been able to reduce traffic trips by 10 percent.

The Trader Joe’s, which will be located mid-Main Street, is looking to open in 2015.

“In the 30,000-plus pieces of communication we sent out to the community over the last four-plus years, the number one comment we got back was ‘We want Trader Joe’s’,” Scott said. “So, as part of this process, we’re bringing something to the community that they really want, in addition to more open space and places to gather. Trader Joe’s is really excited, they love the market and the community.”

In addition to Trader Joe’s, One Paseo has secured Pinstripes as one of its tenants. The Midwest-based company will be a two-story family entertainment venue with a bistro, bocce ball and bowling. Scott said Pinstripes offers good food, a fun family ambiance and an affordable value.

Pinstripes will be located near the Main Street, which will also have a movie theater and mix of retail and restaurants that Scott hopes will keep people coming back to enjoy again and again.

“We’re thrilled with the progress and really excited about moving forward and getting this project approved,” Scott said.

The city is now in the process of producing the final EIR document, which will include the revised One Paseo plan. One Paseo is scheduled to be on the agenda for the January Carmel Valley Community Planning Board meeting (Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Carmel Valley Library) and then must go through the planning commission by the spring of 2013 and City Council for approval, possibly in the summer.

If approved, Kilroy aims to have the first phase of the project complete by mid-to-late 2015, with the last phase wrapping up by mid-to-late 2016.

The updated plans will be posted to One Paseo’s website at