Ocean mural dedicated to memory of R. Roger Rowe


By Karen Billing

R. Roger Rowe art students recently completed their third ocean mural, which will be placed on the wall of the campus. This particular coral reef mosaic was particularly special as it was dedicated to the memory of Roger Rowe, who passed away earlier this year.

New art specialist Marika Fagan had help from mosaic artist Dr. Tim Lueker, who led the seventh and eighth grade students in designing and creating their ocean panels, which all together create a 9-foot tall, 6-foot wide mural.

The mural depicts several coral reef inhabitants, with a dolphin jumping on the top of the water. Across the top of the mural are the words “R. Roger Rowe, Save our Seas.”

“I was just so proud of them, I think it turned out amazing,” said Fagan. “I had never done a mural before and I was really excited to do it, as well.”

The piece will be a permanent fixture at the school, along with two others made by previous art classes.