Number of burglaries drop in Rancho Santa Fe Covenant


By Karen Billing

Burglaries are down in the Covenant for the first six months of 2013, according to Rancho Santa Fe Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser’s semi-annual report. Wellhouser gave his report to the Rancho Santa Fe Association board on July 18, comparing this year’s 19 burglaries to the 31 committed last year over the same time span.

Of the burglaries, three were residential, 12 commercial and four were vehicles. Wellhouser attributes the drop in burglary numbers to arrests of suspects who were likely responsible for a number of crimes in the area.

Of the three residential burglaries this year, two have already been cleared by the suspects being arrested, Wellhouser said.

Suspects used force to gain entry in 47 percent of the burglaries.

“We like to tell everyone to lock their house, turn their alarm on and close their gates because they don’t,” Wellhouser said. “A lot of crimes can be prevented or deterred to a certain degree if people just lock their doors, turn on their alarms and make their house look like it’s lived in.”

Since January, the Patrol has responded to 2,335 calls for assistance, reflecting an 18 percent increase from the same period. The Patrol officers also completed 17,122 security and vacation checks for members, up from 15,485 the first six months of last year.

To request a vacation check this summer or to follow updates from the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol, visit Contact dispatch at (858) 756-4372. For emergencies call (858) 756-9966 or 911.