Not your mother’s antiques: redefining “vintage” with modern home decorating styles

By Sara Wardrip

The term “antique” may conjure up old-fashioned connotations; but in today’s interior design world, versatile vintage pieces are anything but outmoded. In fact, many of today’s hottest designers use antiques to help define their signature

home decorating styles

  1. From Phoebe Howard to Martin Lawrence Bullard, contemporary designers understand the powerful grounding quality of a great antique piece. Whether they are used as accent pieces or as central furnishings that define the space, antiques lend a look of quality and taste to any room – and provide an elegant frame for fresh, modern designs.

Mixing antiques with sleek modern furniture may seem counterintuitive; but according to veteran designers, the key to success is balanced contrast. As stylist Peter Frank tells

House Beautiful

magazine, “mix hard with soft, square with round, blocky with leggy” – and behold a home with unique character and signature style. Some ideas to play with might include a bright mid-century accent piece in a delicately wallpapered bedroom, or vintage chrome chairs in a rustic country kitchen. By uniting unexpected pieces for functional harmony and visual effect, designers can add punch and excitement – or a subtle

je ne sais quoi

– to any room. The trick is to find the right source for high quality, authentic antiques – and choose carefully to select pieces that speak volumes and posses staying power.

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Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply liven up a your space a bit, antique fixtures and furnishings are an exciting option with endless potential. Over the years, color and style trends come and go – but a timeless antique will always find a niche no matter how many times you redecorate. At C’est La Vie Antiques, we

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