Nonprofit develops new mentoring program for youth using wheelchairs


HeadNorth, a local nonprofit providing essential support and resources to individuals and families affected by a spinal cord injury while championing a cure for paralysis has just developed a new twist to their current Peer Mentoring program. This program is aimed at Youth who use a wheelchair for mobility. The program is called “Roll Models” and will launch on Thursday, Aug 23, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at SeaWorld Park.

The purpose of Roll Models is to give youth, under 17, living with an injury or disability, who use a wheelchair for mobility, a peer bonding experience by spending a day with an inspirational adult peer mentor. Mentors have all experienced the challenges of reintegrating post-injury/illness back in to life and will be inspirational to this next generation, as they do the same.

Youth will meet their mentors for the first time at SeaWorld and both will participate in a day of behind the scenes experiences and programs as well as enjoying the park with their new buddy. The day includes lunch, an ice cream social, lots of entertainment, and most of all a day of memories as they kick off this new peer relationship.

San Diego County has approximately 120 new spinal cord injuries each year, many of which are the result of sports-related injuries, vehicle accidents or injuries while in the line of duty such as military or police service. The first year average expenses for paraplegics starts at $270,000 and $478,000 for quadriplegics. Support to these individuals is greatly needed. For more information, visit or or call (858) 350-5199.