New Scholars’ Circle Giving Tree wall now on display at Rancho Santa Fe School


The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation recently announced the completion of the new Scholars’ Circle Giving Tree display on the campus of R. Roger Rowe school. The Scholars’ Circle Giving Tree concept goes back to the inception of the Education Endowment, the former name for the Education Foundation, in 1996. It includes the names of all current and alumni Scholar Circle members. Current Scholars Circle membership levels include Cum Laude: $35,000 - $49,999; Magna Cum Laude: $50,000 - $99,999; and Summa Cum Laude: $100,000-plus. All contributions are paid over one to five years from time of pledge.

The tree debuts with 178 names listed on leaves branching out of two trees; 94 Cum Laude members; 53 Magna Cum Laude members; and 31 Summa Cum Laude members. The design allows room for growth as the tree can accommodate 300 additional names. The tree will be updated twice a year (November and May) with new Scholar Circle members.

This giving tree display will replace the previous one that was by the library on the old campus. Members of the committee really liked the concept of the old “Giving Tree” so the concept and name were retained for the new display.

“We wanted something artistic but in-keeping with the style of the new campus. We choose an organic design that works well with the schools architecture, as opposed to a more linear contemporary design” said Leslie DeGoler. The trees are on the north side of the PAC between the two water fountains. The tree display was designed by McCulley Design Lab and produced by West Coast Signs, the same design and production firms used by the school district for the Performing Arts Center Recognition wall.

The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation committee members involved with the project were Glenn Oratz, Leslie DeGoler, Kimberly King and Allison Oppeltz along with Kim Pinkerton and Lindy Delaney from the RSF School District.