New San Diego breast cancer charity chapter coming to Rancho Santa Fe

Help fight for San Diego breast cancer patients by supporting the local chapter of Breast Cancer Angels.

By Janet Lawless Christ

Here in Rancho Santa Fe, we are fortunate to live in a beautiful, supportive and generous community. But for all our blessings, we are not immune to the impact of devastating disease – nor are we exempt from the obligation of helping those who are suffering around us. Throughout the nation and here in

San Diego, breast cancer

remains one of the most arduous and prevalent medical challenges faced by women, men, their families and health care providers. And whether you have been involved in supporting breast cancer research for decades or are looking to make your first contribution to the cause this year, the newly minted San Diego chapter of Breast Cancer Angels is an ideal place to start.

Founded in 2000 by two cancer survivors and based in Orange County, Breast Cancer Angels is an organization dedicated to making an impact on the lives of local men and women living with this all too common disease. By offering aid to those going through cancer treatment – including financial assistance, emotional support and spiritual camaraderie – the Angels have succeeded in helping over 400 clients every year. What began as a small-time operation with a mere six members and a donation rate of $20 per month has grown into a premier nonprofit organization recognized by Congress for “making a difference in the lives of women.”

Unlike some cancer research and support organizations, Breast Cancer Angels spends 100% of its fundraising proceeds and donations on cancer patients in treatment. And that means, no matter how big or little your gift, you can rest assured that it is going directly to help a family in need. In a world where such transparency and dedication can be hard to find, Breast Cancer Angels represents a refreshing change of heart – and a light of hope for anyone struggling in the face of a life-changing diagnosis.

Supporting local charities in Rancho Santa Fe

Last year, generous supporters made it possible for Breast Cancer Angels to assist over 85 women each month; and this year, we can join forces to maintain or even exceed that number. Already, our first San Diego Chapter fundraiser has raised $10,500, allowing us to give our first donation to a San Diego breast cancer patient. By coming together to support this and other charitable causes (like the veteran’s training program at Archi’s Acres mentioned in a previous


), we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who have given so much – and have so much more to give. To learn more about how you can get involved with Breast Cancer Angels, Archi’s Acres or other

charitable organizations in Rancho Santa Fe

, contact me online at