New Rancho Santa Fe Village Map and Directory being produced; Deadline for inclusion is Dec. 31


“During Rancho Days several of us walked around town working on the Scavenger Hunt and also passing out copies of the Village Map and Directory that was produced in 2008-9. There seemed to be a lot of interest to have another one produced and there were suggestions made for some changes. If you are interested in having your local business included in the new map and directory for Rancho Santa Fe , please let us know and we can supply more details.

“Membership forms are available and the one-time cost is $25. Once we know how many local businesses want to be included and the format that we will be using, then we can determine the pricing for the new brochure. Copies of the older version are available on request. Cost estimate for members is in the $40-$50 range for each business included in the publication and several thousands will be produced and available to give to customers and clients. We will have planning meetings to discuss the format, something similar but nicer than the last one we produced.

“Please e-mail me at to reserve a place in the directory. Most everyone thought this was a good advertising tool for local businesses, especially useful for people who are visiting or new to the community. The cut date off for membership and inclusion in the directory is Dec. 31.”

Marion Dodson

Rancho Santa Fe