New Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club junior executive membership approved

The Rancho Santa Fe Association board approved a new membership category at its Jan. 17 meeting to allow the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to go after a younger demographic moving into the Ranch. The new junior executive membership category allows new members under age 48 to spread out their enrollment fees in installments.

The new category passed by a 6-0 vote, with Director Eamon Callahan abstaining because he didn’t approve of the age limit, which he said at a previous meeting he believes to be unfair.

Director Craig McAllister praised the new category as a wonderful proposal by the Golf Club to offer people the incentive to move to Rancho Santa Fe versus other communities.

“Because Association members have made the commitment to buy a home here, we should make the barriers for their participation in the various Association clubs and activities as low as feasibly possible,” McAllister said. “If we are able to do this, the entire Association will benefit not only socially as a community but financially as well.”

The new junior executive member category would be for Association members under age 48. The enrollment fee will be divided equally over the years remaining until they reach 48, paid on July 1 each year. As an example, if a member is 35 at the time of application they will pay one-tenth of the enrollment fee. If a prospective member is 45 at the time of application, they will pay one-third of the enrollment fee.

The Association board approved the category with the condition that it be capped at 10 members.