New Rancho Santa Fe Association website goes live

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s new website has been completed and went live last week. The new address is and while some features are still being fine-tuned, it is the hope that members will be able to review documents, see meeting agendas and even register to vote.

“Take a look, I think you’ll find it much improved. And it doesn’t have the jungle,” said RSF Association Director Craig McAllister, referencing the little tune that used to pop up when visiting the old site.

RSF Association President Philip Wilkinson said they would make the site password protected soon so members can use it to access personal information.

Wilkinson also said he hopes to create a member request form on the site, so that rather than having members coming in and asking verbally or through a letter, the staff would have an online tool to manage the process.

By posting requests online, Wilkinson said there can be transparency as to what requests are being made by whom and how much they cost, as some requests can easily rack up to about $4,000 to fulfill, he said. During an update on projects and priorities, Acting RSF Association Manager Ivan Holler reported that staff is working on seven such requests from members.

Once the member request form is prepared it will be brought back to the board for member input and board approval.