New director selected to fill Rancho Santa Fe Association board seat


By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

Longtime Covenant resident Eamon Callahan will fill the seat left vacant on the RSF Association board by former director Jack Dorsee.

Six candidates applied to fill the spot. The board selected the new member by secret ballot on Sept. 15. None of the other candidates’ names were revealed.

“We were so pleased with the results we had,” said Jack Queen of the number of candidates who responded to the opening on the board. “We had six outstanding candidates and it was really very pleasurable interviewing these people…We really hope they’ll stay involved in the community.”

Callahan said he was interested in serving on the board as he plans to retire next month. He holds several degrees in electronic engineering and was a vice president of four different defense companies, in addition to owning four retail businesses.

He first retired when he was 34 and quickly learned that it wasn’t the best idea for a self-described “doer” who likes to get things done. In his second retirement, he wants to make sure he’ll have a job to do.

“I thought (serving on the board) was a great opportunity,” Callahan said. “I have to stay busy so this is a good change, to do something for the community. Like anything I do I would like to come in and try to learn what’s going on and make decisions based on some knowledge.”

Callahan is a 17-year Covenant resident, although he’s lived in the area for 24 years — he spent the other seven years in Fairbanks Ranch. A New York City native, he moved to San Diego from Connecticut.

“The area attracted me because it is a lot like Connecticut, very rural, great schools and a little community with a lot of community feel,” Callahan said. “It’s a great place to live.”

By serving on the board he hopes to keep it that way, although he admitted that the more turbulent years appear to be behind them and few controversial issues face the board currently.

Callahan said he is very interested in the undergrounding issues in the Ranch and would like to obtain more information about the subject and see how the Association might help get some of it done, understanding that it’s a very expensive process.

He is also interested in supporting the retail community.

“The rents are high and I don’t think the community really supports the retail businesses here,” Callahan said.

Callahan’s goals appear to be in line with board president Queen, as he has made an effort this year to bring local business owners to Association meetings to introduce them to the community and also hear about their concerns about operating in the Ranch and how the Association may be able to help.

Callahan will be sworn in at the Association’s Thursday, Oct. 6, board meeting.