NATURE DESIGNS: Quality Landscaping Distinguishes Luxury Market in Rancho Santa Fe

By Steve Jacobs

In Rancho Santa Fe we have a unique environment with perfect weather, beautiful beaches, stunning views and attractive architecture. This rare combination is the reason for the area’s outstanding popularity, not only in San Diego, but nationally as well. Although housing values were recently driven downward due to the economy, investors see the San Diego real estate market as a huge opportunity to build a portfolio of the highest-end properties, to improve properties, and to rent or resell them for the most lucrative return on their investment.

When it comes to luxury property, one of the primary distinctions of any given estate is the quality landscaping that surrounds the home. For many homeowners, it’s precisely the distinguished look of luxury landscaping that can make all the difference in how real estate is perceived, especially when it comes to the quick sale of the property on an active listing.

Most of the existing homes on the market (especially in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe) haven’t had any architectural or interior upgrades in many years, and earlier renovation choices were based on the theory “bigger, not better.” Likewise, previous architectural upgrade decisions were based on a lower price per square foot material, and likely installed by unskilled labor.

Things have rapidly changed due to a rising interest in the San Diego market. Investors and homeowners are now seeing the value of incorporating quality into these homes after seeing positive financial returns from their investments.

Why should homeowners consider upgraded landscaping?

Homeowners who renovate homes with quality landscaping gain satisfaction that their dollars are well-spent. The aesthetic quality improvement is appropriate for the home and its location. Now that many homeowners are purchasing with cash instead of borrowed funds, more and more buyers are committed to spending their lifetime in these homes, making a dream estate a true reality.

The types of materials being specified (natural materials vs. synthetic or manufactured) can make all the difference in luxury landscaping. To do it right, natural materials are best implemented using skilled expert craftsmen. These days, homeowners are better educated and care more that workers on their property are licensed, insured, and bonded. For added security some even require their construction team pass a vigorous background investigation.

Now more than ever luxury landscaping is at the forefront of estate homes. In the past, landscapes were more of an afterthought. Big, showy amenities that included large tropical trees, deep green expansive lawns and over the top seasonal color were irrigated with private well water. Today, though, there seems to be more sensitivity to using drought tolerant plantings (succulents and natives), reduced lawns, drip irrigation, and solar-heated swimming pools while still preserving the luxury look and feel of quality landscaping.

Landscape amenities are also changing. Ostentatious landscapes are being replaced by more ‘old school’ features such as pickle ball courts, organic food production gardens, larger outdoor dining areas, meditation fountains, nature paths, full masonry fireplaces, using fewer manufactured materials such as pavers, stamped concrete or ‘faux’ flagstone paving.

Discriminating homeowners who care about luxury and are sensitive to the latest trends in water conservation and high-quality amenities will find Nature Designs is able to satisfy those requirements. This company has been providing quality design, skilled construction, and detailed maintenance services to San Diego area homeowners and investors for over 30 years. Our expert masons, concrete finishers, carpenters, irrigation specialists, and horticulturalists have a combined experience of over 100 years as industry experts. For more information on what Nature Designs can do for your estate, give them a call at (760) 945-4321 or visit their website at