NATURE DESIGNS: Estate Landscaping -- Private Staffing vs. Contracted Services


By Steve Jacobs, Nature Designs

When it comes to the ongoing maintenance of a large piece of acreage -- such as an estate -- property or estate managers are often faced with the option to either hire on-site staff or to contract services through a professional landscape management company.

Estate landscaping requires a great deal of management starting with the choice of plants and trees to the custom look of the premises. Manpower must also be adjusted when necessary and capable of managing the existing and future land planning of the estate. In addition to the basics, a property with large acreage must also take into consideration seasonal changes, construction issues, and even plant diseases.

Private Staffing

There are clear-cut benefits to hiring a private on-site staff to manage property landscaping. Employees who work on the property offer quick response to daily issues of upkeep. Estates that desire a more customized look can also do well with private staffing since greater style control is left in the hands of the owner or estate manager. On-site staff is also secure, meaning private estates are afforded the benefits of familiarity for those working on the property. When it comes to scheduling, there are fewer conflicts, ensuring the property is constantly attended.

Contracted Services

Despite benefits associated with on-site staff, most owners or estate managers choose contracted services for its wider-range of benefits when it comes to total care of an estate or acreage. Right off the bat, estate managers are relieved from having to run a payroll for on-site staff including any human resource-related issues such as hiring, firing, scheduling and providing benefits. Liability and worker’s compensation issues are also eliminated when contracted services are chosen over on-site staffing. HR logistics aren’t the only benefits. Some other relatively unknown pluses include continuing education, broad-range industry knowledge, safety training, checks and balances. When hiring a professional landscape company, a wealth of knowledge is brought to the table, such as extensive education in horticulture, the latest industry technology regarding natural resource management, and property upkeep. When it comes to safety, an estate landscaping company will bring only the safest protocols to the property to ensure all professional standards are effectively met.

Estate landscaping services in Rancho Santa FeScaled, expert staffing

  1. Estate managers can rely on a contracted staff to provide expert landscaping management. Our staff is qualified to cover a wide range of areas such as tree, shrub, and lawn care, and even design and construction services. It’s all covered, making it easier for estate managers to focus on other areas of property management. Crew size can be adjusted as needed for events or slower maintenance periods, allowing for greater budget control when needed.

Estate landscaping services in Rancho Santa FeConstruction services.

Some estates require advanced landscaping services. Construction projects and infrastructure improvements can occur without disrupting the regular maintenance tasks schedule. In these cases, contracting services with an estate landscape company is the ideal way to go. It saves many resources, most important of which are time and money.

Estate landscaping services in Rancho Santa FeLong-range planning.

Pruning, fertilization, disease control are just some of the issues that need care when managing acreage or an estate. A landscape contractor is more likely to catch and treat diseases. On-site staff is usually less qualified to handle these issues. Design aesthetics and restoration work hand-in-hand with seasonal care.

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