Nativity class in Rancho Santa Fe solves ‘mystery’ via Skype


“Investigators” at The Nativity School’s second grade social studies class discovered the secret location of a partner school by participating in an online adventure called Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype uses Google Earth in an educational game played by two classrooms at different schools in California. As each class receives information, they use deductive reasoning to navigate to more accurate positions. Nativity students conducted their inquiry by using map skills and asking directional questions to uncover the precise location of their mystery school.

Mystery Skype and Google Earth are tools that not only enhance educational core concepts but also incorporate one of the internet’s most prominent methods of online communication. The children were excited to use such well-known tools to discover the location of the other school and talk with their student counterparts. According to one of the student-investigators, the best part was that the “other class was really nice and we got to talk to them. And we got to use Google Earth to find them!”

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