National Fire Prevention Campaign hits home at The Nativity School in Rancho Santa Fe


Nativity Student FirefighterThe May wildfires that struck San Diego and Rancho Santa Fe were very much on the minds of students at The Nativity School when Rancho Santa Fe Firefighters came to talk about fire prevention and preparedness this month. The firefighters hold a special place of honor at the school especially considering they helped save many of the students’ homes in the region as well as the school itself. The firefighters were greeted with a long standing ovation as they walked into a school assembly of students, parents and teachers.

Kindergarten through eighth grade were interested in learning about the emergency process like dispatch and firefighter training but were thrilled to see the firefighters’ oxygen tanks, huge black boots and heavy coats they brought to show the children.

“The boots are the very best part of the outfit. You can really clomp around” said one student who tried on equipment. The tour of the fire engine was inspiring knowing the equipment used to fight a fire. It was an engaging way to involve students in helping to prevent fires and support the at-home programs vegetation management, disaster preparedness and by practicing a home evacuation plan.

The Nativity School is a Preschool – 8th grade Catholic school that teaches Christ-like values in a nurturing environment that is academically strong and rich in the spirit of life and love. Please call (858) 756-6763 for a personal tour with othe principal.