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Feb. 4, 1975 - Nov. 3, 2010We asked readers who knew Julien Hug — manager at Mille Fleurs restaurant and 2009 “The Bachelorette” contestant — to share their memories of Julien here. If you would like to submit a story, please scroll down to bottom of this post orclick here.

Thank You, Thank You,Thank you for every life you touched and for your beautiful vibrant smile you gifted selflessly along your far too brief road of life! that twinkle in your eye and the sparkle will forever greet us when we walk through the doors of MF. God bless you! May you forever be in peace! Thank you for your kindness always.— The Wohlford family

I moved to California, upon graduation from college on the East Coast; following a boyfriend in 1985. I was fortunate to meet Michelle Betts and Andy Robinson, both of whom worked for the Hug family in Rancho Santa Fe. I would visit the restaurant and the Hug family would always make me feel welcome and normally treat me to an appetizer, since I truly did not have much money. I remember Julien as a bubbling pre-adolescent that his father would bring to the restaurant and model how to mingle and make people feel welcome. I remember Julien having beautiful black hair and him shyly shaking people’s hands, thanking them for coming, and flashing that beautiful smile. You could tell Julien loved his parents more than all the stars in the sky and that they truly loved him. My heart goes out to Julien’s parents and his most intimate friends. May God hold all of you close during this must difficult time. Please find comfort in all the good memories of Julien. I will be praying for y’all.— Nina Jo “Hill” Hendrix

Julien was the ultimate host every time we went to Mille Fleur. We complimented him often. Our son-in-law has managed several fine dining restaurants in the Pasadena area over the past 15 years so we appreciate the difficult schedule this involves, as well as the attention to detail.We will miss him greatly and will think of him always with the kindest of thoughts.— Cauleen and Michael Glass

I first met Julien when we were in High School - He was a sweet heart and always ready to lend a helping hand, walking with me to class and teaching me the layout of the school. Words to describe Julien - There are so many! He was a special person and friend to so many. He was beautiful inside and out - a true gentleman, loyal, always had a smile for you, never put you down, lifted your spirits in your time of need, had a heart of gold, always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room, and I could go on and on! It makes me sad to think he will no longer stand in the door way to greet me with a hug and a smile! We could go weeks or months without seeing each other and still when I saw him - it was like it had only been days since we had last spoken. He will be missed by many, but remembered by everyone he befriended!— Shannon Reidy Diltz

I just remember his smile. It was hard to miss and brightened the room.— Jillian Dyer (Ream)

I haven’t seen Julien in some time nor were we “great friends” but he left a lasting impression upon everyone he met. Throughout high school and into our adult years whenever we crossed paths he always had that charming presence and adventurous spirit and handsome smile. It is very clear that he has richly touched so many lives. Our deepest sympathies are with his family and friends.— John McCarty

To be successful in the restaurant business, you have to be friends with numerous people. Beyond the business, Julien naturally had many friends, and was universally liked. The outpouring of grief from the community is evidence of the fondness in which he is held.— County Supervisor Ron Roberts

Julien taught me the art of wine tasting, the right way! We had fun driving in a lamborghini and laughing about not being able to stop smiling while we were in it! He loved the roar of a fast car engine. He loved skydiving and he shared that he was going to take his mom for a surprise skydive for her birthday. He was so excited to get her up there, he loved her so much. Julien came up to me and my husband at the track this Summer and said hello and gave us that warm smile he always had on his face. He looked dashing as always! Julien will be dearly missed by all and we prayed today at church with friends that the family and friends who loved him so much would fine peace in his passing and know that the Lord was there with him in his final hours. We loved him and we miss him.— Dayna Steve Schneider

Heartfelt condolences to the family, girlfriend, friends and whole community who lost a veritable gem of a man and human being. May he rest in eternal peace.— Catherine LeeLa Jolla

I met Julien at the Mille Fleurs restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe late last winter. I was so taken with Julien after watching my beloved reality dating show, “The Bachelorette,” and wanted to meet him as well as to try the French fare at his parent’s restaurant. When I met Julien in person, he was just as kind, gracious, and welcoming as he appeared to be on the show. We spoke French and talked a little about the show and I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to both Julien and the Mille Fleurs restaurant. I was impressed not only with Julien’s air of sophistication and with his obvious pride with respect to his French heritage and culture; one that I share a love of as well. We sat and talked for a while and at the end of the evening, he gave me a hug. I left the MF restaurant feeling as if I had known Julien all my life. I went back to MF a few months later with a dear La Jolla friend and neighbor, and she was equally taken with Julien’s hospitality, fine work ethic and gracious manner. I didn’t know Julien well, but I was very impressed by him as a person and I feel fortunate that he touched my life if only briefly. I know that the RSF community is grieving and feeling this terrible loss of a fine person and my very deepest sympathies and thoughts are with the Hugs at this time.— Claire TinsleyHaymarket, VA

The compliments that were showered on Julien Hug during his all-too-brief life -- gracious, charming, professional, creative, dynamic — were justly earned. As a restaurateur, he had the prized ability to make all his guests feel like the most important people in the room.Of the thousands of chefs and restaurateurs I encountered in almost 30 years as food editor/columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune, very few could match Julien’s poise, polish, and vibrant spirit.— Maureen Clancy

I will always remember Julien as a true gentleman . He expressed his love for others freely and always had everyone’s best interest at heart. I know from his many comments and the way he spoke about his family, that he loved them very much and cherished his parents greatly.From highschool through adulthood, he always greeted me with a smile that sparkled. He had a way of making you feel you were the only one in the room. My memories of him are that he was kind, fun-loving, romantic, genuine, a friend for life and a man who loved all of those around him. The world will miss such a great soul. The heavens will be blessed to have such a kind and giving person.— Rachel Jones Hutchings

I will always remember Julien as a dear friend who gave his heart and soul to his family, including his family of friends, business, and passions. His charismatic personality, charm and nature were nothing less than genuine and I will miss him dearly. God bless you, Julien.”— Melissa Williams, a close friend

At Thursday morning’s Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, Rancho Santa Fe resident John Ingalls spoke of losing his friend Julien; he said he and his wife had just enjoyed a glass of wine with him the weekend before. Ingalls said Rancho Santa Fe is a wonderful place to live and what makes it so wonderful is the quality of people who live here, like Julien. He said Julien’s presence in the community will be greatly missed.RSF Association board member Anne Feighner also expressed her condolences as Julien had been in her daughter’s class all through school.— Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, (reported by Karen Billing)

Julien skydiving with his friends Kyle Streckert, Hal Streckert, Erez Yaron, Tim Hedderich, Herber Louriero and Matt Vincent. Photo: Courtesy One of the first story assignments I did for the La Jolla Light newspaper, back in December 2008, was about Julien and his friends skydiving with a giant, inflatable great white shark. What a fantastic story and what a bunch of adventurous characters they were!— Halie Johnson

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