Members of The Jesse Lynch Trio perform at Rancho Santa Fe School

The Community Outreach program is a vital part of Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe’s service to Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding areas. The afternoon prior to their evening concert at Fellowship Hall, the members of The Jesse Lynch Trio performed at the R. Roger Rowe Middle School, giving the children a taste of good jazz and skilled musicians, with a little musical education thrown in for good measure.

Jesse Lynch taught the children the purpose of each instrument in the trio — bass, drums, and piano — and each musician demonstrated accordingly. Then the entire group put it all together in beautiful music, demonstrating jazz, swing, melody, harmony, and improvisation. Lynch described music and improvisation as having a conversation while playing, each watching and listening to others for cues. And jazz, for example, was like a language. Lynch quizzed the children and was surprised to receive very competent answers to many of his questions. RSF School District Superintendent Lindy Delaney was not surprised. She said that of their 700 students, 230 are in some form of band, orchestra, choir, or theater. Clearly, she was so proud of this and excited that their program continues to grow each year. The students were a responsive and wonderful audience for the Jesse Lynch Trio.

— Gail Kendall