Rancho Santa Fe health club and pool town hall meeting to be held in March


The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s health club and pool committee is starting to hold focus group sessions with members to get a feel for what kind of amenities they would like to see included in a potential facility. According to Heather Slosar, the RSF Association board’s committee liaison, the focus groups are scheduled to be held March 19, 20 and 21 and will be followed with a town hall meeting March 26.

Slosar said once the information is gathered, they will be able to give the architects instruction on what amenities to include.

Slosar said the committee is looking to put the facility to a community vote in the fall. At that time, they hope to have some pre-sale memberships so voting members know they won’t be saddled with something that would be a financial burden.

These initial planning steps are part of the $350,000 professional planning phase approved by a community vote in November 2014.

The tentative cost for the 15,000-square-foot facility between the RSF Golf Club and RSF Tennis Club is an estimated $10 million, but the professional planning phase will better shape those numbers.

Costs for the project are proposed to be funded through a combination of Covenant Enhancement Funds, pre-construction membership sales, financing and also donations and fundraising. The Luddy family has committed to cover 10 percent of the project cost.