Meeting to be held on running and cycling events in Rancho Santa Fe

Note: The meeting described below has been postponed and will no longer be held on Aug. 14. When a new meeting date has been scheduled, it will be posted online.

By Karen Billing

The Rancho Santa Fe Association staff will meet with event organizers on Aug. 14 to create a better partnership when it comes to running and cycling events that use Covenant roads as their course routes. The meeting will be held at the RSF Garden Club at a time to be determined.

In April, after more than 800 riders came through Rancho Santa Fe on a Tour de Cure cycling event, the board sent a letter to the county requesting that applications for races through Rancho Santa Fe be submitted three to six months before any event, and for the RSF Association to be notified as soon as applications for events are received by the county so the RSF Association can help coordinate routes and planning.

The letter stated the RSF Association’s intent to have more input on potential routes, not only for the sake of impact on local residents but also to ensure the safest passage for participants.

RSF Association Assistant Manager Ivan Holler said that at the Aug. 14 meeting they will discuss with race organizers ways they can improve advance notice and how routes are chosen.