Committee to meet on voting rules, bylaws changes at Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club


An open meeting regarding the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s proposed changes to its bylaws and articles of incorporation will be held at 9 a.m. Nov. 23 at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

Board member Fred Wasserman, chairman of the Association’s governing documents committee, said they have already integrated some residents’ recommendations made through public input and at an Oct. 22 town hall meeting, and they are looking for more community input and discussion.

Many changes being proposed are to bring the Association in line with state law, such as the Davis-Stirling Act and the California Corporations Code, which regulate homeowners associations.

The proposed changes to the voting process would give condo owners individual voting rights. In addition, single, divorced or widowed property owners, who receive only one Association vote, would get two votes, the same number accorded to properties with two or more owners.

The voting rules would also be simplified, doing away with a lengthy registration form — all property owners would automatically be eligible to vote.

Wasserman said the governing document committee expects to meet a few more times by December to finalize the updates, and they will then be posted to the Association website for review. The committee hopes to present at the January or February board meeting, and ballots will then be mailed to Association members for a vote.

If approved, the new rules would take effect July 1, 2016.