Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club resolution approved


A resolution formalizing the relationship between the Rancho Santa Fe Association and the RSF Golf Club Board of Governors was approved at the Feb. 5 Association board meeting after the two boards came together and found some common turf.

The resolution includes language making it clear that the RSF Association manager is allowed to attend board of governor’s meetings and that the club’s general manager reports to the Association manager.

At the January meeting, RSF Golf Club President Steve Dunn expressed concerns that the item was on the agenda for approval before the Association board and board of governors had a chance to meet and clarify a few issues. He requested the two boards meet before the resolution was approved and a meeting was held in late January.

RSF Association President Ann Boon said both sides were able to express their concerns and the board listened to an “extremely detailed” presentation from the club.

“It was very productive and collegial, and we did come to an agreement on the final language,” Boon said. “The most important thing was that we all felt this was the first of many meetings we will have on a regular basis.”

RSF Golf Club board member Dottie Mulholland agreed that the meeting was very productive, open and honest.

“I think we all learned a lot about each other’s perspectives,” Mulholland said.

A resolution has been in place between the RSF Golf Club and the RSF Association since 1987, and it is reviewed every 10 years. It was last reviewed in 2007 and will be due for review again in 2017.