Maurizio Seracini, ‘Master of Old Master Paintings,’ to speak at event in Rancho Santa Fe


Is it possible to find Leonardo Da Vinci’s most priceless and highly praised work of art, lost for centuries? And, in that quest, as he looks behind other artist’s masterpieces for the missing Da Vinci, will Maurizio Seracini find new perspectives on these artists and the masterpieces they created?

These were the questions posed to Seracini more than 30 years ago by one of the world’s leading art experts. He took up the challenge, and is now world renown for his work spotting fakes and uncovering hidden masterpieces. With the backing of the National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian, and others, he has been able to search through more than 2,500 important works of art and architecture.

On Wednesday, April 30, Seracini will take the community on a tour of what he has discovered underneath these famous works of art; incredibly beautiful under-drawings that allow us to see the artist’s creativity and his treasure trove of ideas. In addition, he will be take the audience on “a treasure hunt for grown ups” as he discusses conspiracy theories, riddles and clues that are a part of his search for the lost Da Vinci treasure, the Battle of Anghiari.

Seracini received his bioengineering degree from UC San Diego before being enticed by the potential of discovering the missing Da Vinci masterpiece. He was instrumental in establishing the Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art at UC San Diego to aid in his research. Now, despite residing in Florence, Italy, he serves as Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture, and Archaeology (CISA3) at UC San Diego and lectures world wide.

Please join Village Viewpoints on April 30 at 6 p.m. at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe for wine and light hors d’oeuvres. Seracini will begin speaking at 6:30 p.m. and will allow time for audience questions. Tickets are now on sale either through the website or by calling 858-381-8070. This promises to be a memorable evening.

Viewpoints is co-presented by The Village Church and the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation.