Markstein, Danola, Finkelson win Rancho Santa Fe Association board election

In a hotly contested election that saw a record number of 1,694 votes received, Ken Markstein, Janet Danola and Allen Finkelson won seats on the Rancho Santa Fe Association board.

Markstein received the most votes in the election with 1,083. Danola received 1,012 and Finkelson received 1,002. The challengers Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny and Terry Peay received 636, 616 and 565 respectively.

The Association received a total of 1,694 ballots, 40 of which were invalidated due to having no signature or a signature that did not match the one on file.

The votes were tallied at the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Station in an open meeting on Tuesday, June 14 by election inspector Bruce Bishop, three assistants and community volunteers Judge David Moon and Dick Doughty. Around a dozen community members stopped in throughout the three-hour process and some stayed for the entire morning. After the final votes were tallied, residents in attendance applauded the team and thanked them for their professionalism and organization.

The three seats the winning candidates will take are currently held by Heather Slosar, Philip Wilkinson and Jerry Yahr. Their three-year terms are expiring at the end of June.