Man selling suits from car told to leave Rancho Santa Fe


A man was recently directed to leave Rancho Santa Fe after trying to sell people in the RSF Village alleged Armani suits out of the back of his car, according to RSF Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser.

Wellhouser said RSF Association board member Larry Spitcaufsky initially reported the incident to the Patrol. Spitcaufsky told Wellhouser that a man asked him for directions in the parking lot near the RSF Post Office. When Spitcaufsky gave him directions the man, who had a “phony-sounding accent,” reportedly offered to sell him an Armani suit out of the back of his car at a very low price. Spitcaufsky declined and later called the Patrol to report the incident.

Wellhouser said he then received a call from another local resident who reported a similar incident but, in this case, the caller said they were ashamed to admit that they did buy the suit.

On the afternoon of Oct. 4, Wellhouser said the Patrol received a radio call saying that the man selling the Armani suits had been spotted in the 6100 block of El Tordo.

The Patrol and Sheriff’s department sent personnel to speak to the man, who said he was from Milan, Italy. The man, who was driving a silver Ford Edge, said he had bought the suits in Los Angeles for $50 each and was selling them in the RSF area for $200-$300 each.

The officers informed the man he had to have a license and permit to sell out of his car and told him to leave the area, Wellhouser said.

Wellhouser issued a warning, saying it is not wise to buy anything from a stranger selling a deal — especially from the back of their car. Wellhouser said the Sheriff’s Department has also reported several incidents where people have bought a TV or stereo equipment from vans in a parking lot at a supposed deal and found out — too late — that the equipment inside the box is just a shell.

“As the adage says, when something seems too good to be true it usually is,” said Wellhouser, who added that people should also be wary of buying anything from door-to-door sellers.

To report any suspicious activity, contact the RSF Patrol at 858-759-8588.