Luxury Entertaining: Why You Must Paint the Perfect Picture


By Janet Lawless Christ

The truth is that luxury isn’t just a description –it’s a lifestyle. From ample acreage to thousands of square footage, infinity pools, putting greens and everything in between, the luxury lifestyle is undoubtedly one to admire.

So when it comes to painting the luxury lifestyle in full color, nothing quite impresses like a home meant for entertaining. Along with all the right touches, the ability to host large, lavish parties is so often what luxury home buyers seek when looking for the perfect home.

If you’re selling your home in Rancho Santa Fe, does your home showcase the luxury lifestyle in perfect taste? If it’s missing the element of entertaining, you may be inadvertently turning away potential buyers – a big detraction when it comes to selling your home quickly and at top dollar.

The solution may be retrofitting your living space into a fully-functional and gorgeous entertainment area perfect for even the most discriminating buyer. Here’s a case study that illuminates the importance painting the picture of a luxury lifestyle even in the smallest details like outdoor entertaining.

Case Study: Magnificent Home Lacks Entertaining Essentials

A beautiful Rancho Santa Fe home is on the market and has an interested buyer. In this case, our buyer entertains high-profile business executives and large groups of family and friends, so an entertaining area is essential when it comes to finding his dream luxury home. After finding the nearly perfect fit, the buyer expressed concern over the home’s entertainment area – or lack thereof.

The problem is this historic home does not have a large formal dining area, but the home is otherwise the ideal fit in all other aspects. The current homeowner says they entertain large groups on the patio, but the space doesn’t seem appropriate ‘as-is’ and the buyer isn’t making an offer based on a general lack of understanding of how the space can be transformed to meet their needs.


After partnering with Nature Designs, a professional landscaping and design company in Rancho Santa Fe, the perfect solution was found. A Photoshop rendering provided the vision for an outdoor dining space that provides adequate space for entertaining.


A free-standing, glass-paneled covered patio structure was designed to provide protection from the elements without darkening the north facing rooms. The space included a large dining table, enhanced lighting, service counter and extra seating and allowed the buyer to envision how this outdoor room can serve as their formal dining area.

The solution was not only a win-win for the seller, but for the buyer, too.

For Home Sellers in Rancho Santa Fe

If you’re like many home sellers in Rancho Santa Fe, you’re probably eager to find that perfect buyer who falls in love with your home and submits an attractive offer. While staging and home improvements can certainly go to great lengths to attract the right buyer, sometimes it’s simply depicting the luxury lifestyle appropriately that can make all the difference in selling your home quickly and for the best possible price.

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