Lux Art Institute welcomes New York sculptor Carlos Vega


Carlos Vega will appear at the Lux Art Institute: In studio: Jan. 10-Feb. 2; On exhibit: Jan. 10-March 2.

A New York City-dwelling, Spanish-born sculptor, Vega alters large-scale, malleable metal plates through engraving and deep cuts. Vibrant fields of oil paint, stamps and collaged material reveal themselves beneath the geometric patterns and designs that undulate across the surfaces of his carved lead panels, hinting at the traditional latticed screens found in his native Melilla, Spain.

Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Jack Shainman Gallery in New York City, a solo show, Apocrofos, at the Instituto de América (Centro Damián Bayón), Spain, and group exhibitions including Chelsea Visits Havana at the 9th Havana Biennial, Cuba; De Granada a Gasteiz Un Viaje de Ida y Vuelta, the Fundacion Artium, Alava, Spain; and Black Panther Rank and File, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, traveling to Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC.

During his residency, he will be creating a 4’ x 8’ diptych depicting two metaphorical “trees of life,” through the use of engraving, oil paint on lead and a perforated metal plate revealing stamps mounted on a panel underneath. The “trees of life” will be represented as Sequoia trees since they are specific to the region. The stamps will be drawn from a 120-year history that will embody the cultures converging on the Pacific Coast and will be collected from several cultures and international countries to capture the historical transformation of typologies within the stamps. They will attest to the shifting collective consensus as the stamps represent the socio-political and aesthetic implications of the time. Some stamps will pull from faces of leaders chosen from a pool of cultures and races that merge on the Pacific coast, representing the demographic spectrum of our region.

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