Local doctor uses novel business model


If you’ve been to the doctor’s office lately, you might wonder why it can take so long and cost so much. Dr. Matt Kurlan explains how his new walk-in clinic in Encinitas is different. “To me, it seems ridiculous to spend more time on the paperwork than the interaction between doctor and patient.”

Kurlan says he designed his new office based on his prior experience as an emergency department director.

“My job was to improve efficiency and satisfaction scores. I looked at the whole process and identified what steps could be taken to streamline the experience for both patients and those providing care. I used the same approach in designing ASAP Urgent Care.”

The new practice is earning 5-star reviews, although the business model is unconventional in that they do not participate in any insurance plans.

“By eliminating extra paperwork, there’s more time for what’s really important — listening to the patient, making a correct diagnosis, and discussing treatment options,” Kurlan said. “And by eliminating the huge expense of processing claims, we are able to pass big savings on to our patients.” (For those patients with insurance, he provides a form with billing codes to submit for reimbursement.)

“I don’t think people should have to trade off the quality of their care in order to save themselves time and money,” Kurlan said. “Our patients are in and out the door within 30 minutes, on average. For them it’s worthwhile to pay $67 to see a physician and not have to spend hours in the waiting room or worry about receiving an unexpected bill for something not covered by their co-pay.”

ASAP Urgent Care is located at 519 Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas. The practice focuses on acute medical problems that are urgent but not serious enough to warrant hospital services. They can also dispense prescriptions, such as antibiotics, in order to save you a trip to the pharmacy.

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