List-to-Sell Ratio: Finding the Best Real Estate Agent in Rancho Santa Fe


By Janet Lawless Christ

When it comes to hiring the best real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe, what exactly are the characteristics that a seller should look for? Is it knowledge of the area? Or, perhaps the realtor’s niche experience such as luxury or area sales? The truth is that while these factors can absolutely play a part in an agent’s success, it isn’t everything. In fact, when it comes to selling homes quickly and at top dollar, one of the greatest indicators of success is an agent’s list-to-sell ratio.

What is List-to-Sell Ratio?

A list-to-sell ratio is the percentage of an agent’s listings that are sold for more or less than the seller’s asking price. List-to-sell ratio can be easily determined by dividing the sales price by the asking price and converting the raw number into a percentage. For instance, if a home in Rancho Santa Fe lists for $3,000,000 and sells for $2,850,000, the list-to-sell ratio for that home would be 95 percent.

The best real estate agents in Rancho Santa Fe know that a high list-to-sell ratio is important to not only selling homes, but delivering on expectations as well.

Before hiring your real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe, ask about his or her list-to-sell ratio to gain an understanding of the agent’s knowledge of pricing and sales expertise. Be wary if the percentage is too low – that may translate to a reduced sales price leading to less cash in your pocket upon closing.


When it comes to hiring a real estate agent, you understandably want to use the best and brightest. Follow these guidelines for a positive experience and a successful sale of your home. Your real estate agent should always:

Be Tech-Savvy.

Selling your home in today’s market takes more than just listing it on the multiple listing service (MLS). With such an emphasis on social media, it’s important to work with an agent that understands how technology can enhance a listing while putting an edge on traditional marketing tactics.

Know Market Trends.

By now, we already know that pricing is a huge component of a successful sale. Your real estate agent should be intimate with your area market trends including pricing. Your agent should also have success in previous listings and should be selling homes on a regular basis.

Offer Expert Communication.

For a seller, communication is a critical component of the real estate sales process. Whether you prefer email, phone or even text, be sure your real estate agent is able to communicate in your preferred method and at the pace you expect.

Have Integrity.

A real estate agent should always put your interests as a seller before their professional desire to sell your home. Work with an agent that will always tell you the truth, update you, and represent you with the best possible outcome for the sale of your home.

Know the Area Well.

Agents should be well-involved with in the community, the golf course, the philanthropies and other area culture and activities in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe. Knowing the area inside and out is a clear-cut advantage when showing and selling your property.

Have a Strong Reputation.

Work with an agent that has built a strong reputation for selling homes in the area. For more information on selling your home in Rancho Santa Fe, log onto or call 858.335.7700 and see why our agency has one of the best reputations for selling real estate in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe.