Lighting the Way to the Most Dramatic Home Theater in San Diego

By Otto Benson,

Modern Home Systems

San Diego Home Theater Experts, Modern Home Systems, on lighting your home theater properly.Lights! Camera! Action!It’s no wonder that a great production needs the right light to set the tone. Your home theater is no exception. Outstanding indoor lighting is one of the best ways to distinguish your home theater, and thanks in part to arecent articleatCE Pro, here are the best ways to create ambiance and accentuate your space with sensational lighting.
  1. Temperature

Did you know that lighting temperature can significantly alter the quality of your home theater? Lights should ideally be set at 6,500 Kelvin. When light temperature is too strong, it can lead to off-set colors. For example, certain temperatures can change the fidelity of the screen, setting hues off-balance. Dimmable LED lighting is the ideal choice for lighting your home theater.Click hereto see some examples of how we’ve used light to create the perfect ambiance using just the right temperatures.

  1. Lighting Automation
Dramatic home theater, San Diego, La JollaIt goes without saying that watchingJurassic Parkis completely different than tuning into the 6 o’ clock news. Your lighting should reflect the mood appropriately and automation can set that dream into motion. For example, when you watch the news, your lighting can be programmed to illuminate into a bright setting. On the other hand, when you’re ready to watch a movie, the lights can dim to perfect theater level. Automation makes lighting incredibly easy.
  1. Zoned Lighting
In many cases, it makes sense to zone lighting controls. Depending on how your room is set up, you’ll want to take into consideration which part of the room deserves the greatest amount of light versus the area of the room that ought to be dim. Create light installations on unique circuits to customize the look even further. We’ll help you map out a lighting plan that best suits your home theater.
  1. Accentuate with Light
We work with many San Diegans who want a custom home theater. Regardless of the style you choose, you’ll want to use light to accentuate the space. We can use lighting to draw attention to any facet of the room – a tiered ceiling, awesome speakers, movie posters or architectural details. Wall sconces, overhead LED lighting and backlighting are all great ways to draw attention to various aspects of the room without detracting from the main show.
  1. Themed Theaters
You can do so much with proper lighting. From setting the tone to creating a theme, lighting can make or break the space. In one of our recent projects, we used light to theme aStar Wars home theater.Imagine this space without any light at all! It would have instantly fallen flat. This project utilized automation, distributed audio and perfect lighting to create the perfect home theater theme.Get the right lighting in your home theater today. Log ontohttps://ModernHomeSystems.comor give us a call at (858) 554-0404.Dramatic home theater, San Diego, La JollaDramatic home theater, San Diego, La JollaDramatic home theater, San Diego, La Jolla