Learning through action: community service for high school students

By Kevin Yaley, Head of Francis Parker School

Civic engagement and community support are core values throughout our nation; and volunteering within one’s community remains one of the best ways for individuals to connect with these values on a personal level. When we integrate

community service for high school students

into a college preparatory education, we make it possible for teachers to share this experience with young people – and to blend the power of giving and supporting one another into the curriculum. Coming up next month, we at Francis Parker School will be holding a Community Service Day here in San Diego. By celebrating our students’ commitment to citizenship and service, we hope to embody our core values – and to encourage young people to always see the opportunity to give back as a means of moving forward.

Fostering connection, forging responsibility

San Diego is a diverse city, with a variety of neighborhoods making up the sum of our vibrant local community. And while each of us has a particular part of that community that we call home, we also learn to appreciate the city as a whole when we leave our comfort zones and explore everything San Diego has to offer. Volunteer work is a wonderful way to achieve this; and whether you are a lifelong San Diegan, a new transplant or a child just beginning to explore the world beyond your own backyard, giving of your time and energy can teach you to connect with the city and one another in new and exciting ways. By including community service in our children’s education, it is possible to establish this sense of connection and responsibility at an early age. And when today’s young people learn to respect the people, culture and resources around them, they get a head start at becoming responsible and effective leaders of tomorrow.

Community service at Francis Parker School

Francis Parker School

was founded on the belief that students should learn through action; and to this day, we celebrate our founder’s commitment to experiential education by giving all our students the opportunity to take part in community service clubs during their time at Parker. In addition, we require community service hours for our Upper School students prior to graduation. Through these programs, we hope to teach our students to be responsible and engaged citizens of their community – both now and in their future careers.

This year, we celebrate our centennial with a wide range of events – including a Community Service Day to be held on February 2


  1. Featuring multiple volunteer projects including work at the Junipero Serra Museum, the Boys & Girls Club of Linda Vista, the San Diego Food Bank and the San Diego River, this event in designed to involve Parker students and their families in meaningful service in celebration of our core values. To learn more about this and other centennial events, or to find out more about

community service at Francis Parker School

, visit us online today at