Kimera Orphanage Reception

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rosenthal held a reception Dec. 1 to introduce friends and interested parties to Edward (“Eddie) Sengendo and the Kimera Orphanage, which he is building in Uganda. Sengendo updated the guests on his summer trip to Kampala, the land he has purchased and his goals for completion of the orphanage.

Sengendo and his family came to San Diego in the early 1980s after being granted political asylum from Uganda. Prior to coming to the U.S., his family lived in a refuge camp in Kenya. Upon arrival here they were placed in housing in St. Vincent de Paul. It was while living there that he was introduced to the game of tennis. Within a short period of time he became a ranked tennis player. Tennis has since played a major role in Eddie’s life and his success. He has, however, never forgotten where he came from and the children who grow up there.

The mission statement of the orphanage is “to love, inspire, and transform lives.” Sengendo hopes to have a facility built within the next two years to house approximately 150 children.

They will live, learn, work (a farm is planned on the land), and play tennis.

If you are interested in more information please go to or contact Sengendo at Photos courtesy of Christine C Tyner