Kids Korps volunteers enjoy special environmental tour

On Saturday, Dec. 1, Kids Korps volunteers meet at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for a wonderful informative environmental tour. Participants of this event come away with the knowledge and understanding of how the natural resource conservation and preservation program works on the grounds of this massive facility.

Every day, behind the scenes, employees are hard at work sorting tons of bottles, cans, paper and plastic collected from the 600 blue recycling bins throughout the fairgrounds. Over the years the recycling program has grown to include 28 materials diverted from landfills annually.

“The tour was very extensive and we learned so much about how the Del Mar Fairgrounds keeps up with recycling and conservation”, said Robin Chappelow, Kids Korps program director. Volunteers had a chance to see “the farms,” where some of the food that is consumed on the premises is grown, and later they had the chance to dig in the vermicomposting (composting with worms).

“The Del Mar Fairgrounds adopted a Resource Conservation Program in 1990 and has won 24 awards for its achievements,” said Nancy Strauss, resource conservation coordinator for the 22nd District Agricultural Association.

In addition to recycling, the Fairgrounds has made great strides in their conservation efforts. By implementing a lighting retrofit project and solar-power program they have reduced their average energy consumption and reduced its dependence on traditional sources of energy. Millions of gallons of water have been saved by replacing a dirt racetrack with a synthetic Polytrack. In addition, numerous other programs have resulted in an approximate savings of 24.5 million gallons of water total over the last four years.

In 2011, the recycling staff of the 22nd DAA & DMTC and serving staff of Premier Foods handled or sorted the following amount of California Redemption Value (CRV) materials:

•Glass 101,144 lbs or approximately 1,249,728 bottles

•PET Plastic 21,468 lbs or approximately 686,976 bottles

•Aluminum 5,600 lbs or approximately 196,000 cans

“The recycling staff is our quality control team. They make sure that materials are separated to bring us the highest possible value resulting in high revenues,” reported Nancy. Great job team!

Kids Korps and Teen Korps members along with their parents learned about sorting, composting, zero waste, how to reuse, conserve, not producing waste, and avoid using natural resources.

Thank you to Ron Diamond and Kristina Smith from I Love A Green San Diego for organizing and implementing this great afternoon. Thank you also to SDG&E for their ongoing support of this Passport to Sustainability project and many others.


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