Kids Korps USA: Electronics recycling project

Kids Korps LCH and I Love a Green San Diego

By Julia Andrew (10), Caden Moss (10), Makenna Moss (9) and Cyrus Andrew (7)

Have you ever thrown electronics away in the trash? Do you know what “e-waste” is? On Nov. 10, our Kids Korps chapter at La Costa Heights helped our community by recycling e-waste with I Love a Green San Diego. We wanted to do this project in honor of America Recycles Day.

E-waste is old phones, old keyboards, old computers, old printers, old TVs, wires and cords. These shouldn’t go in landfills because they have chemicals and poison that leak out into the ground. Good recyclers take apart the pieces and use them for other things. Bad recyclers send them to poor countries and cities. People burn the e-waste and that can cause diseases and it is very dangerous. They search through them to find gold. In a village in China they throw the e-waste they don’t need anymore into the water.

Before the event, we made posters, made signs and spoke to some neighbors. Our parents emailed family and friends and posted on Facebook for us. At the event we carried electronics out of the cars and sorted them into groups of old phones, TVs and computers screens, computer towers, printers and cords because they have different things in them. We made signs and waived them at cars. We got to take apart computers because we wanted to see what was inside them. We watched hard drives getting crushed. People said thank you and honked at us. We got thumbs up and waves. We even got a “rock on” sign. Someone said good job for saving our environment.

We collected 812 pounds of computers, 1,533 pounds of old computer monitors and TVs called CRTs, and 2,532 pounds of general e-waste. That is more than 2.4 tons. We also kept 4,835 pounds of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. This equals 820 gallons of gas, or 186 trees, or 7,007 water bottles, or 32,230 aluminum cans. We saved people from getting diseases from the toxins by keeping it out of landfills and keeping it from getting burned and thrown into the oceans. We kept it from going to bad recyclers that send it to China or poor countries. This made us feel happy because it wasn’t going to get burned or thrown into the ocean to hurt people and animals. In conclusion, we felt good about this project because we didn’t have to waste all those electronics. We felt courageous because we were actually helping something we wouldn’t have done without Kids Korps.


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