Kids Korps’ ‘Kloset Klean-Out!’ begins; items needed for kids in need


emptyclosetOctober is a great month to make room for the Holidays and provide relief to families in need! Kids Korps has identified several recipients who would love your “extras,” your “outgrowns,” your “past passions,” and your “new item” generosity. The “community service”- minded children of RSF Kids Korps are busy preparing fliers and speeches for their classrooms to collect the following items at the RSF Community Center for the month of October:

  • Preschool Halloween Costumes for the Escondido Child Development Center- serving low income families.
  • Book Drive for Camp Pendleton Families
  • Children’s elastic waist band pajamas for Clothes Closet of Rady’s Children’s Hospital Trauma Unit
  • Backpacks for Bridge of Hope (a mentoring program for single mothers and their children to prevent and remedy homelessness.)

For more information, please contact RSF Kids Korps advisor, Dana Knees at