Jung-Ho Pak resigns as Orchestra Nova’s Artistic Director/Conductor


Orchestra Nova San Diego’s artistic director and conductor Jung-Ho Pak announced recently that he is stepping down after six years of musical and strategic leadership, effective immediately. Jung-Ho joined the orchestra in 2006 when it was known as the San Diego Chamber Orchestra. Since that time, he has transformed the orchestra into one of the most innovative and entertaining music experiences in San Diego, demonstrating a fresh and open approach to making classical music entertaining, emotional and relevant to today’s audiences and selling out nearly all of its performances last season.

“The entire Nova team has been passionate about what began as Jung-Ho’s vision but quickly became the Nova vision,” says Beverly Lambert, Orchestra Nova’s chief executive officer. “Wanting to bring love and joy to every human being he can reach through an inspiring music experience is not a cliché – he is dead serious about it. He’s about reaching out to new demographics, regardless of age, ethnicity or background – the 99 percent of the population who can’t conceive that classical music could possibly be entertaining or fun.

“We will miss him terribly,” Lambert said, “but we wish him only the best. He is a true visionary and we have been blessed by his leadership. I have no doubt that he will become one of the most influential leaders in the world of classical music and in music education – one of his passions – in the years to come.”

Orchestra Nova has been deeply committed to music education, under the leadership of Pak, and has one of the most extensive programs in San Diego County. With a mission of bringing joy through classical music education to each and every student, the orchestra has already engaged thousands of students through its programs, which are low-cost, self-sustainable and long-lasting.

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