Jewish Learning Institute opening new branch in Rancho Santa Fe


After months of planning, Rancho Santa Fe is finally on the map of premier Jewish learning. Beginning this fall, the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) opens a new branch in RSF, which brings the total number of JLI locations to over 350 worldwide.

The JLI is the first international educational institution to present traditional Judaism in a professional, innovative, academically challenging-yet-accessible format. The JLI was created to address the need of Jewish adults for in-depth Jewish knowledge. Authorities on each subject have organized the curriculum and teaching materials for each course.

JLI’s mission is to remain the world’s pre-eminent institute for adult

Jewish learning. “The Jewish Learning Institute allows you to explore basic Jewish ideas, to share critical analysis and intensive discussion with exciting instructors and classmates,” said [name], chairman of the local JLI committee.

“At the heart of Jewish culture there has always been Jewish learning — an engaged and vibrant meeting of minds,” explains Rabbi Levi Raskin, the local JLI instructor. “We’re excited to be able to bring this open and interactive learning environment to our community.”

The program begins with Fascinating Facts in November, continues with Money Matters in February 2012 and concludes with The Art of Marriage in May 2012. This sequence is designed to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish thought, heritage, and tradition, and enables students to achieve basic Jewish literacy as well as an understanding of cardinal Jewish beliefs and observances.

Fascinating Facts: Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism, provides a comprehensive overview of Jewish heritage to promote a Jewish cultural literacy. Fascinating Facts guarantees to enlighten even the most seasoned trivia buff with a treasure trove of “Who knew?” Jewish factoids. The course answers questions on the Jewish view on Satan, the evil eye, whether angels have wings, and why pork is considered the quintessential non-kosher food. Fascinating Facts spans a wide range of intriguing subjects including Jewish myths and urban legends, biblical events and stories, Jewish foods, the Hebrew language, Jewish life cycle events, and mysteries of the occult. The course will be held on six consecutive Mondays at 7 p.m., beginning Nov. 14, at the Chabad Jewish Center of RSF 5690 Cancha de Golf RSF, 92091. The course fee is $99 and includes textbooks and refreshments.

Importantly, Fascinating Facts is designed for people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, and participants don’t have to have any prior experience or background in Jewish learning to attend and enjoy this course. All JLI courses are open to the entire community, and people do not need to be a member of any particular synagogue or temple in order to attend. Local community members are welcome to register for the course and sample the first lesson free of charge, with no obligation to continue further. You can register on line at or call 858-756-7571.