Introducing the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers’ Market: Being the Best and Doing the Most for the Covenant


By Janet Lawless Christ

We all know that Rancho Santa Fe is an amazing place to live. Now, it’s about to get better.

On March 6, the Rancho Santa Fe Association approved a nine-month trial run for the Covenant’s very first weekly farmers’ market – an invaluable asset that will fortify our community spirit, health and vitality.

With the help of community leaders Eamon Callahan and Vearl Smith, we petitioned and rallied the Rancho Santa Fe Association for permission to develop a Saturday farmers’ market in the village. And finally, after three years, our labor of love has finally come to fruition.

Join me in celebration!

Why am I so passionate about having a Rancho Santa Fe farmers’ market? One of my favorite things about the Covenant is its sense of community, and there is something about buying produce from local farmers and artisans—and the conversations that go along with it—that serves to enhance that community spirit. I am also passionate about the health benefits to both the community and the environment. Farmers’ markets promote health by encouraging people to eat seasonally and they give people the opportunity to try rare fruits and vegetables. Buying locally also reduces transportation costs and vehicle emissions. But, most importantly, farmers’ markets provide a warm, vibrant space where families can come together to further enjoy the beauty that Rancho Santa Fe has to offer.

It took over three years of commitment, compromise and hard work to overcome every question and challenge the Rancho Santa Fe Association had for us, but I am pleased to say that from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays on El Tordo, between Lineal Del Cielo and Avenidia de Acacias, there will be a wonderful event for our beloved community.

It’s this same sense of commitment, persistence, and community with which I approached the farmers’ market that I approach my job as a real estate agent. I am always stunned when I say to other agents “we are in this together,” and they look at me like they have never heard such an outlandish thing! But, of course, we are in it together: it’s our job to work together to facilitate the optimum transactions for our sellers and buyers—as long as it is legal, moral, and ethical. To this end, I am fully invested and commitment to accommodating showings and facilitating deals – and my references and staff can back me up on my ethics. Of course, all agents try to do this, but the luxury market can be a little difficult because it’s largely appointment-only, and some agents are simply too over-extended to show their properties to all prospective buyers. My supportive team and dedication to service ensures that I don’t miss a beat and that all properties are showcased as they should be. As my branch manager Steve Salinas says, “You can’t sell what you can’t show!”

Here, it’s all about what best serves the community – in both work and play.

My slogan is “Be the Best. Do the Most.” And that is how I apply myself to serving Rancho Santa Fe—from listings, to buyer representation, to establishing a farmers’ market. If you are interested in buying or selling in the Rancho Santa Fe community, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 858.759.6567 or visit