International Bipolar Foundation advocates for stigma reduction

In celebration of National Bipolar Awareness Day, International Bipolar Foundation holds its global anti-stigma campaign. When it comes to mental illness and stigma, silence is



Stigma hurts. It prevents people from getting the medical help they need. It prevents them from turning to their loved ones for support. Stigma stems from ignorance — people just don’t understand mental illness.

Please join us in educating people about mental illness with our second annual “Say It Forward” campaign, in honor of National Bipolar Awareness Day on Oct. 4. The concept “pay it forward” means to do a selfless good deed for another. In our online anti-stigma campaign, you can do that just by forwarding an email. We hope that you will help us spread the word and decrease stigma by sending out information about Say It Forward to your members.

Here is how it works: Go to the link below to get started. Then forward the email we have created containing information that does the education for you, to as many friends, family, and coworkers as you can. Ask them to send it on to whomever they can. We will be tracking how many people who receive the message about mental illness during the week of National Bipolar Awareness Day.* The campaign will run now through Sunday, Oct. 7. Our goal is to reach 10,000 people this year!

Our mission is to eliminate bipolar disorder through the advancement of research; to promote and enhance care & support services; and to erase associated stigma through public education. To have the link sent to you, please contact