In a close vote, Rancho Santa Fe supports a pool and health club study


By Karen Billing

The results are in on the community-wide vote on the Rancho Santa Fe Association pool and health club professional planning phase.

In a close vote, 762 people voted in favor of the Association embarking on a six- to nine-month professional planning phase at a cost of $350,000. A total of 713 people voted against spending the money.

The Association board will now decide what the next step will be at the upcoming meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 4.

A total of 1,483 ballots were received on the issue, compared with 1,297 votes in the Garden Club purchase vote and 1,544 ballots cast in the Association board election.

Of the pool and health club ballots, election inspector Bruce Bishop said some had to be discarded because they were mailed without a vote being indicated.

“We are happy to see that voter participation is alive and well in Rancho Santa Fe, well over the turnout levels for the November state elections and almost twice as large as the turnout in RSF’S HOA votes just a year ago,” said Association Director Heather Slosar, who has led the pool and health club committee.

“This is the kind of community participation that we are encouraged to see and we hope gives everyone a level of comfort that the board listens to all members, regardless of our positions in particular issues.”