Hurricane Sandy orphaned cats and dogs flown to safe haven at Helen Woodward Animal Center


The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has been described by families and homeowners on news networks globally over the last weeks. There are those, however, who cannot share their stories; orphaned dogs and cats in shelters that are facing loss and displacement to make room for the thousands of pets who need shelter as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

On Nov. 17, 45 orphaned dogs and cats (from Save A Pet on Long Island, NJ and animals from New Jersey rescued by Delco SPCA) flew across the country, via a donated charter from Southwest Airlines, chaperoned by SeaWorld’s animal rescue experts, just in time for a safe and secure new home for the holidays at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe.

The extraordinary rescue was made possible by Southwest Airlines, whose Flight Crews donated their time and whose fuel provider BP donated fuel for the flight; along with the donated manpower of SeaWorld, providing veterinarians and technicians to assist and chaperone the pets across the country. SeaWorld’s experts in San Diego also donated transportation for the pets to their new home at the Woodward Center after they “touched paw” at Lindbergh Field.

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