How to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents this Holiday Season


As New Year’s Eve rolls around, many people are excited to celebrate the season with their friends, family and employers. As a result of the party atmosphere, it is much more common for people to be drinking during this time. Individuals may not know their limits or may not realize just how impaired they are.

Stopping someone who doesn’t realize their level of impairment before allowing them to get into a vehicle could be critical for preventing devastating accidents. Accidents caused by drunk drivers can lead to serious personal injuries, lawsuits, or even fatalities. Taking some of your own time and attempting to work with a driver who appears to be under the influence of alcohol is something you should keep in mind as you attend your own holiday events and functions this season. Use the following tips to help you diffuse a situation with a driver who is inebriated.

Provide Alternative Options

Suggesting that the individual sleep over with you, stay in a hotel, or use an alternative form of transportation like a cab or sober driver gives them an easy option to avoid getting behind the wheel. A drunk individual may not have the proper judgment to make this call on his or her own but by making the situation very easy for them to use an alternative option, you make it less likely that they will get behind the wheel of a car under the influence of alcohol.

Explain Yourself

If possible, calmly explain that the reason why you do not want them to get behind the wheel is because you are concerned about their safety and the safety of others. As mentioned above, an impaired driver may not have the judgement necessary to come to this conclusion on his or her own but hearing it from another rational person may help to convince them that it is dangerous to operate a vehicle at this time.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

Remember that the individual you are speaking with is impaired by alcohol, so you need to speak slowly and clearly so that they can understand what you are saying. It is very beneficial to have another friend with you to help support what you are saying because it is harder to say no to two or more people than it is to one. Following these tips can help to prevent drunk driving accidents in San Diego and make a safer holiday for everyone.

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