Horsemanship lessons offered at Fairbanks Riding Club Equestrian Center


The Riding Club, located at Fairbanks Ranch Equestrian Center in Rancho Santa Fe, is a unique institution combining a serene parklike environment with superior and age-appropriate riding instruction for children and adults alike.

Founded 13 years ago by FEI Dressage trainer Lena Nordlof-Davis, The Riding Club has withstood the test of time and is an integral part of the Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar communities. A team of quality riding instructors keep the lessons fun, safe and informative.

Children have the chance to become acquainted with the sport of horseback riding on the riding school ponies and later move on to larger lesson horses. For ambitious riders the opportunity to lease a privately owned horse provides an introduction to competing at dressage shows and can be an intermediate step to owning a horse.

Regularly held pony day camps are a great way for children to experience horses close-up for the first time or simply to spend quality time expanding their horse knowledge during the holidays.

New at The Riding Club are Horsemanship Lessons, held every Sunday at the Fairbanks Equestrian Center. Horsemanship is the art of interacting and communicating with horses and extends to managing horses in a stable or show environment, making it an important skill for any rider, horse owner or horse enthusiast. Riding skills are not necessary, as those lessons are taught in a class setting, using random horses or ponies for demonstration purposes only.

The lessons form a series of eight classes that repeat in sequence and cover topics such as leading and groundwork, show grooming and braiding, barn management and much more. There are no age restrictions. Everyone -— from the aspiring horse owner, interested parent or dedicated rider — will find valuable information to take home.

Another new discipline coming in 2014 will be vaulting, best described as gymnastics or competition in the equestrian world.

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