Helen Woodward Animal Center miracle foals leaving ‘home’


By Karen Billing

Staff Writer

The two rare foal twins that have become local celebrities, even spawning their own facebook page filled with “Foal Fanatics,” left the Helen Woodward Animal Center recently. Sunny and Angel beat the odds stacked against them to reach a healthy six months old and will now left the center and their mother Lena to an undisclosed new home together. Lena will be returned to her owner, who has asked not to be identified.

The foals were born on March 28 and immediately brought to Helen Woodward.

Equine veterinarian Dr. Rodrigo Vazquez and a dedicated staff at the equine hospital cared for the foals day and night. At three days old, Angel weighed 35 pounds and Sonny was about 45. On Sept. 28, Angel is 300 pounds and Sunny is about 350.

“They are truly alive because of the care given at the hospital,” said Christen Hanley, hospital manager. “They are two healthy, beautiful twin horses who will go on to live with the memory of beginning their life at Helen Woodward.”

The foals are considered “miracles,” with worldwide fans watching them grow live on a web cam. The web cam went dark after the last broadcast on Tuesday afternoon.

“Since birth they have been media personalities,” said John Van Zante, center spokesman. “Now they’re leaving and becoming civilians.” They will return to Helen Woodward for their first birthday party.