Hats Off to Rancho Days!


By Janet Lawless Christ

With the hot air balloons lazily drifting in the summer sky, festive friends gathering at the RSF Club for dinner under the stars, and croquet balls clacking on the front lawn of the Inn, I gratefully grin and remember how lucky we are to live in Rancho. Yet just when I think life just cannot get any better – here comes Rancho Days!

As a certified “Raving Fan of Rancho Santa Fe” I believe that Rancho Days is yet another splendid showcase of how genuine and special we are as a community. And as an active realtor, I am often amused when my clients, who are just discovering the wonders of this fare hamlet, shake their heads and remark that this feels a bit “like Mayberry.” And they are right! The easy, breezy life that can be found here still remains a testament to Lilian Rice, W.E. Hodges and the visionaries of the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company of the early 1920’s who saw this raw land and imagined a rural community that harkened of a “garden retreat.”

So my hat (albeit that’s my golf cap) is off to Rancho Days and all the volunteers, clubs, philanthropies and entities who have worked selflessly to make this joyous event spring to life once again! From the fiesta to the hayride to the neighborhood and beyond, this glorious community will be abuzz with civic-oriented celebrations of the “happiest place on Earth”! See you there!

And if the picturesque Rancho Days with its warm, kind people lure you in like they have to so many before, and you want a little piece of paradise for you and your family, please give me a call at 858-759-6567 or visit